Bass studio photo taken with Robin Kesselman, principal bass of the Houston Symphony during his residency in October 2016.
Robert Oppelt, principal bass of the National Symphony Orchestra running an orchestra sectional/master class during the Spring 2016 semester. Robert is an alum of UNCSA.
Paul Sharpe on Bass Day at UNCSA, coaching a visiting student in masterclass
A UNCSA high school bassist performing in Hood Recital Hall during our weekly master class
The UNCSA Bass Studio Christmas photo after our studio recital in December 2015
UNCSA high school bassist Ella Sharpe performing as a member of NYO-USA in 2016. She won a position for July 2017 as well.
UNCSA high school senior bassist, Sarah Bryant, delivering a speech at graduation as Student Government Association President.
UNCSA high school bassist Ella Sharpe enjoying her time with four other members of the NYO-USA section in 2016.
Four members of the UNCSA Bass Studio being coached by Volkan Orhan at Butler University’s Bad Boyz of Bass Camp in 2017.  L to R, Isaac Present, Ella Sharpe, Volkan Orhon, Sarah Bryant, and Solomon Caldwell.
Ella Sharpe and Sarah Bryant with the principal double bass of the Berlin Philharmonic Matthew McDonald at ISB 2017 at Ithaca College.
Four members of the UNCSA bass studio waiting to get into the dorm at ISB 2017 at Ithaca College.  L to R, Ella Sharpe (playing), John Park (prone), Isaac Present, and Sarah Bryant.
The UNCSA Bass Studio on tour to area high schools performing bass ensemble repertoire.
Robin Kesselmen, rehearsing with the UNCSA Symphony in Koussevitzky’s Concerto.
The bass studio and Robin Kesselman in October 2016
Same as the image above, but with more scenery to show our beautiful campus at UNCSA.
The UNCSA basses after a triumphant Tchaikovsky, Symphony No. 4 performance in Fall 2016. L to R, Sarah Bryant, Emani Barber, Garrett Hilliard, Victor Stahoviak, Garrett Brittain, Ella Sharpe, Isaac Present, Ellie Burdette, Solomon Caldwell, Mitch Goodwin.
Robin Kesselman coaching Victor Stahoviak on how to play Don Juan.
Fun with the panorama mode at our first bass class of the year, Fall 2016. Shifting Drill, aka “Vomits.”
Undergraduate Solomon Caldwell climbing a mountain in the fog on a break from Anchorage Chamber Music Festival.
Another Alaskan mountain photo with Solomon.
Four members of the UNCSA Bass Studio 2017-2018, L to R, Solomon Caldwell, Paul Sharpe, Isaac Present, and Zane Hollomon in Alaska on a break from the Anchorage Chamber Music Festival in 2016.


We did a fair amount of hiking in 2016 – another mountain in the Talkeetna range in Alaska with Solomon and Zane.  
Isaac Present performing at the Anchorage Chamber Music Festival.  
Isaac Present and Solomon Caldwell hiking during Anchorage Chamber Music Festival.  
Ella Sharpe performing at the Concertgebouw in Amsterdam with members of the NYO-USA orchestra in 2016.  
Another bass studio pic from May 2016 outside our concert hall, the Stevens Center.  L to R, Ella Sharpe, Isaac Present, Sarah Bryant, Jordan Loveland, Garrett Brittain, Solomon Caldwell, Garrett Hilliard, Ellie Burdette, Emani Barber, Victor Stahoviak
Bass Studio in Orchestra (Happy)
A shot of the bass studio in the UNCSA Symphony.  L to R Jordan Loveland, Sarah Braynt, Garrett Hilliard.